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Board Policy

The Policy Manual is a working document and is periodically reviewed and updated.
*Review Pending

Folder A. School District Organization (7 Files)
pdf file AA Legal Status of the District and Board
pdf file AB The Board
pdf file ABB Powers and Duties
pdf file ABC Legal Status of the Superintendent
pdf file AD School Attendance Zones
pdf file AE School Calendar
pdf file AFA Emergency Closing
Folder B. School Board Operations (15 Files)
pdf file BB Internal Organization
pdf file BBA New Member Orientation
pdf file BBB Compensation and Expenses
pdf file BBD Board-Superintendent Relations
pdf file BBE Board Member Conflict of Interest
pdf file BC Meetings
pdf file BCA Board Meeting Agenda
pdf file BCB Rules of Order
pdf file BCC Voting Method
pdf file BCD Minutes
pdf file BCE Public Participation
pdf file BD Policy Development
pdf file BE Board Memberships
pdf file BH Board Members Code of Ethics
pdf file BHA Conflict of Interest
Folder C. General School Administration (7 Files)
pdf file CE The Superintendent
pdf file CEF Compensation and Benefits
pdf file CGI Evaluation
pdf file CGP Professionalism
pdf file CMA Administrative Rules
pdf file CN Administrative Records
pdf file CNA Data Use and Governance
Folder D. Fiscal Management (15 Files)
pdf file DC Annual Operating Budget
pdf file DCA Classroom Instructional Support Funds
pdf file DCH Reconciliations
pdf file DG Deposits
pdf file DH Bonded Employees
pdf file DI Accounting Report and Records
pdf file DIK Inventory
pdf file DIL Audits
pdf file DJC Payroll
pdf file DJEA Purchasing
pdf file DJEC Contracts with Individuals or Agencies
pdf file DK Local School Finances
pdf file DL Expense Reimbursement
pdf file DM Reserve Funds
pdf file DMA Cash Management for Federal Funds
Folder E. Business Management (15 Files)
pdf file Policy_GAAA.pdf
pdf file EBB Safety Program
pdf file EBBA Disaster and Fire Prevention
pdf file EBBF Safety Inspections
pdf file EBC Maintenance Program
pdf file EBH Trespassing and Vandalism
pdf file EC Unauthorized Use of Equipment
pdf file ECA Equipment Transfers
pdf file EDC Safety (Transportation)
pdf file EDCA Use of Board Vehicles
pdf file EDCE Use of Private Vehicles
pdf file EE Child Nutrition Program
pdf file EEA Charged Meal Policy
pdf file EEB Returned Check Policy
pdf file EG Insurance
Folder G. Personnel (42 Files)
pdf file GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment
pdf file GAE Grievances
pdf file GAEA Disabilities
pdf file GAEB Title IX Grievances
pdf file GAEC Sexual Harassment of Employees
pdf file GAG Conflict of Interest
pdf file GAI Solicitations
pdf file GAK Personnel Records
pdf file GAMA Political Activity
pdf file GAMB Possession of Firearms and Weapons
pdf file GAMC Drug-Free Workplace
pdf file GAMD Drug and Alcohol Program
pdf file GAME Smoking and Tobacco Usage on School Property
pdf file GBD Employment
pdf file GBI Evaluation
pdf file GBJ Creation of New Position or Promotion
pdf file GBK Suspension/Termination
pdf file GBM Transfer
pdf file GBNA Reduction in Force - Certified Personnel
pdf file GBNAA Reduction in Force - Classified Personnel
pdf file GBRA Health Examinations
pdf file GBRAA Communicable Diseases
pdf file GBRB Time Schedules
pdf file GBRD Staff Meetings
pdf file GBRE Supplemental Duty
pdf file GBRF Emergency Leave
pdf file GBRH Professional Leave
pdf file GBRI Personal Leave
pdf file GBRIA Leave of Absence
pdf file GBRIB Sick Leave
pdf file GBRIC Catastrophic Sick Leave
pdf file GBRID Sick Leave Banks
pdf file GBRIE Maternity Leave
pdf file GBRIF Family and Medical Leave for Personnel
pdf file GBRIG Job Related Injury
pdf file GBRIH Legal Service Absences
pdf file GBRIJ Military Leave
pdf file GBRJ Substitute Teachers
pdf file GBRK Vacation Leave
pdf file GBRL Tutoring for Pay by Certified Personnel
pdf file GBS Professional Organizations
pdf file GCRD Fair Labor Standards Act Requirements
Folder I. Instructional Program (22 Files)
pdf file IDA Basic Program
pdf file IDB Title I Program
pdf file IDC Controversial Issues
pdf file IDCC Teaching About Religion
pdf file IDCCE Non-accredited/Home Schools-Transfer/Placement
pdf file IDDC Homebound Instruction
pdf file IEE Student Schedules
pdf file IFA Instructional Material (Copyright)
pdf file IFAA Textbook Selection/Adoption
pdf file IFB Acceptable Use of Electronic Media
pdf file IFBC Media Center Resources
pdf file IFCB Field Trips
pdf file IHA Grading and Reporting System
pdf file IHAA Extra Curricular Activity Participation
pdf file IHB Homework
pdf file IHE Promotion and Retention
pdf file IHF Graduation Requirements
pdf file IHFF Alabama Occupational Diploma
pdf file IHFG Virtual School
pdf file IHG Dual Enrollment
pdf file II Testing Program
pdf file IJ Career and Technical Education Program
Folder J. Students (24 Files)
pdf file JAA Equal Educational Opportunity
pdf file JBA Compulsory Attendance
pdf file JBB Entrance Age
pdf file JBC School Admissions
pdf file JBCA Assignment to Schools and Classes
pdf file JBCB Homeless, Migrant, and Language Minority Attendance
pdf file JBCC Dispute Resolution Regarding the Enrollment of Homeless Children and Youth
pdf file JBCD Transfers and Withdrawals
pdf file JBE Truancy
pdf file JCAB Searches
pdf file JCD Anti-Harassment
pdf file JCE Sexual Harassment
pdf file JD Discipline (Code of Student Conduct)
pdf file JDA Corporal Punishment
pdf file JDE Gun-Free Schools
pdf file JDF Law Enforcement Visits
pdf file JG Student Welfare
pdf file JGA Student Accident Insurance
pdf file JGB Suicide Prevention
pdf file JGC Student Health Services
pdf file JGD Student Meal Accounts
pdf file JGFG Accidents
pdf file JGH Seclusion or Restraint of Students
pdf file JR Student Records
Folder K. General Public Relations (7 Files)
pdf file KDCA Solicitations
pdf file KE Public Gifts to Schools
pdf file KG Use of School Facilities (School Related)
pdf file KGA Use of School Facilities (Non-School Related)
pdf file KGB Smoking/Tobacco Usage on School Property
pdf file KM Visitors to Schools
pdf file KN Public Comments
Folder L. Interorganizational Relations (2 Files)
pdf file LB School-Community Interaction
pdf file LDAJA Police Interrogations and Investigations
Folder M. Educational Agency Relations (1 Files)
pdf file MCA Private School Shared Services

Location: 450 Dale Ave. Homewood, AL 35209

It is the policy of the Homewood City School Board that no person in this district shall, on the basis of race, color, disability, creed, religion, sex, age, or national origin be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination in any education program or activity. This includes employment, retention, and promotion. When you click on a link cited on this web page, you may be leaving the Homewood City School District website. The district is not responsible for the content or safety and privacy policies of these organizations.

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