About Homewood Middle School

  • Homewood Middle School, located in Jefferson County, is part of an independent school district in Homewood, Alabama, a suburb community of the Greater Birmingham Metropolitan area. Homewood Middle School is the only middle school feeding Homewood City School District's one high school (Homewood High School). Homewood Middle School is fed by three elementary schools (Shades Cahaba Elementary, Hall Kent Elementary, and Edgewood Elementary), each with its own unique characteristics and culture. Homewood Middle School serves approximately 1030 students in grades six through eight with 84 certified faculty members and numerous additional support staff. Our student body is extremely diverse, with nearly 23 languages spoken within our student body. Homewood Middle School has been at its current location off Valley Avenue for eleven years in a LEAD facility that promotes green initiatives for conservation and efficient management of resources. During the 2013-2014 school year, Homewood Middle School was proud to be recognized as a United States Department of Education Green Ribbon School. 

    The mission of Homewood City Schools is to educate and empower all students to maximize their unique potential. We embrace our diversity and value the experiences it provides all students in Homewood to accept others, honor difference, and collaborate within our community to achieve our mission. Homewood Middle School offers a rigorous curriculum in core academic courses, as well as a variety of elective choices including Fine Arts, STEM courses, athletics, Robotics, and academic teams to aid students in identifying their interests and talents. HCS is a school system that embraces and is guided by the principles in the district strategic plan. Homewood Middle School and Homewood City Schools hold students to extremely high standards and offer them an exceptional educational experience, based upon their individual needs. Homewood City Schools is guided by a commitment to our Strategic Plan and has adopted the following belief statements: 1.Diversity enriches our community and enhances learning 2. High expectations foster excellence 3. Innovation creates pathways to engagement, exploration, and relevance 4. A culture of support rooted in relationships.

    Homewood Middle School also has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment for students to encourage growth beyond the walls of the classroom and school day. In addition, we utilize an online learning platform allowing students and teachers to interact and collaborate within the content.

    Continuous Improvement Plans