HHS School Counseling

  • Homewood High School has four full-time counselors who divide their duties to assist high school students and one part-time counselor in charge of testing. 

    All counselors work with students on issues affecting their academic performance and on issues of personal and social development. The counselors are available to parents for consultation and parents are encouraged to contact any counselor with questions regarding counseling services. Homewood's school counselors provide students with brief counseling in three domains: academic, personal/social, career planning.  HHS' College and Career Counselor provides resources to assist students in planning for life after high school, and additionally, Katie Smith is a social worker who serves as a district-wide Student Assistance Counselor.

    Confidentiality: Conversations with a school counselor are confidential with the exception of situations in which the student has authorized the counselor to speak to someone else. In addition, there are a number of urgent situations which limit confidentiality:

    • Threat of harm to oneself
    • Threat of harm to another
    • Any report of abuse or neglect or suspected abuse or neglect
    • Reports of behavior which could reasonably lead to harm to self or others
    • Court orders requiring disclosure

      If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Counseling & Guidance department at 205-871-9663.  The department fax number is 205-423-2493.


School Counseling Department

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