• Peer Helpers
     Sponsor: AnnaGrace Baldwin
    The Homewood Middle School Peer Helping Program is designed to enhance each student’s middle school experience by providing peer helpers with the skills and resources necessary to encourage and help their fellow classmates. This program is based on the concept of students helping other students. Peer helpers are expected to maintain high personal standards and be positive role models for their peers.
    We select peer helpers in the spring of each school year and then assign each helper to an area of service. All peer helpers are trained in basic peer helping skills as well as specialty skills including peer tutoring, peer mentoring, and serving as ambassadors. Peer helpers serve on the Safe and Healthy Homewood Coalition as well as on the HMS Counseling Advisory Board. These students also need to be committed to community service either on their own or through organizations such as Builder’s Club and Trendsetters.

    Our group service activities include:
    ~ serving dinner at the Jimmie Hale Mission each month
    ~ assisting with the preparations for the Mercedes Marathon Race weekend
    ~ volunteering at our elementary school festivals
    ~ working with "Rise Against Hunger"
    ~ teaching prevention lessons to HMS students
    Peer helpers must be in the 7th or 8th grade and must commit to an alcohol, other drug, and tobacco free lifestyle. In addition, peer helpers must attend meetings before school as well as other scheduled events, provide a minimum of 30 hours of service to the community during the year, serve as an ambassador for HMS, serve as a mentor for Homewood elementary school students, and maintain high personal and academic standards.