• Health Insurance
    Employees of Homewood City Schools have two options for health insurance: PEEHIP or VIVA Health.

    Employees are also offered supplemental policies in dental, vision, cancer, and indemnity which are administered by Southland. Open enrollments for these are July-August. Homewood City Schools’ employees are also provided with Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental, which is provided at no charge for single employees and $44 per month for family. The value of the Dental Plan is $216 per employee per year.

    In addition to employee costs, the value of Homewood City Schools’ health insurance is $9,600 per employee per year.

    Life Insurance
    All Homewood City Schools employees are provided with life insurance. Life insurance is determined by taking the employee’s annual salary and rounding it to the nearest thousand. 

    For any other questions regarding employee salary or benefits, feel free to contact the Homewood City Schools Business Office: Chief Financial Officer Lynn Buch.

    For information regarding Homewood City Schools' Voluntary Benefits, click here.