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    The following information may be helpful in the interpretation of student grades. Teachers determine grades in a variety of ways including the following:

    • Total Points
    • Averaging
    • Weighted Averaging by Category (i.e. homework, quizzes, labs, tests, etc)

    While teachers are expected to post grades in a timely manner, the frequency of grade posting will fluctuate by teacher.

    The number of grades and types of activities may vary from teacher to teacher.

    A missing grade is typically the result of one of the following:

    • The teacher has not recorded the grade,
    • The student needs to make up the work.
    • The activity has been designated in the grade book but the work has not yet been assigned.

    Students should be aware of any work which needs to be made up. Incomplete work which can be made up is typically designated in the following ways:

    • Asterisk
    • Zero
    • Blank

    Note that a teacher's choice of marking to denote incomplete work can affect a student's average. For example, a blank space or a non-numeric symbol will not affect the current average.

    Activity titles provide a reference for each assignment/test given. Due to limited space, assignment/test titles are often abbreviated.

    If you have any questions regarding a student's grade, please contact the teacher.


Grading Scale

Standard Courses/Standard GPA
Advanced Placement Courses/Weighted GPA
Pre-Advanced Placement Courses/Weighted GPA