Intervention & Support

  • Homewood City Schools believes in providing the support needed in order to educate and empower all students to maximize their unique potential: academically, behaviorally, and socially. In order to make this belief a reality, Homewood utilizes a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS). Universal screenings are administered K-12 (Renaissance Star Assessments® & SAEBRS) several times per year to provide important information on student learning and behavior in order to identify and monitor the progress of those who need additional support.

    The majority of students (around 80%) experience success at TIER I with classroom instruction & differentiation around Homewood’s Learning Targets.

    A smaller group of students (around 15%) needs Tier II intervention, which consists of targeted assistance and monitoring in the classroom.

    TIER III offers a more intensive level of support and monitoring for those students for whom Tier II interventions prove ineffective (around 5%). For TIER III, students are pulled to work with instructional tutors on research-based programs.

    A similar process is structured for students who need additional support behaviorally, emotionally, or socially. Click here to visit Safe & Healthy Homewood.

    Grade level teams of teachers collaborate on the learning progression of all students and monitor their progress throughout the year. For more information about this model of intervention and support, please view our district's MTSS presentation. You can also contact Cristy York at the central office or your child’s Assistant Principal for Instruction:

    Edgewood: Ashley McCullars
    Hall-Kent: Ashley Paulk
    Shades Cahaba: Lindsay Galafassi
    Homewood Middle School: Reba Hudson
    Homewood High School: Mindy McBride

    If you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress - academically or behaviorally - there are many people in Homewood Schools ready to assist you and your child. It is always good to begin those conversations first with your child’s teacher.