Professional Learning

  • Homewood City Schools values professional learning for faculty and staff. Teachers are provided common planning time during the work day with grade level and subject matter colleagues for collaboration and ongoing learning. This common planning time is often facilitated by the assistant principal for instruction, the technology specialist, or others in the school who provide support for teachers. 

    New teachers to Homewood are provided with several layers of support. After an initial orientation at the school and the central office, all teachers are assigned a mentor who provides individualized assistance for the needs of that teacher. In addition, each school has an instructional partner who works specifically to coordinate activities around their needs and to provide leadership for the mentors. Homewood’s Instructional Partners are:

    Edgewood Elementary: Amanda Shaw
    Hall-Kent Elementary: Leigh Ellen Herring
    Shades Cahaba Elementary: Jennifer Harden
    Homewood Middle School: Leslie Tanner
    Homewood High School: Suzanne Jeffcoat & Katie Smith

    Homewood Schools also encourages teachers to pursue National Board Certification, believing that the process of earning that distinction provides them with perhaps the most meaningful professional learning of their career. The Homewood Schools Foundation provides financial support to teachers who are pursuing certification or working toward the renewal of their national board certification. In addition, the district has five teachers who serve as facilitators for those working through that process. The mentor provides direct, individualized support and assistance to teachers within the school or district. Homewood’s national board mentors are:

    Abby Becker (Hall-Kent)
    Megan Cole (Homewood High School)
    Michele Cooley (Homewood High School)
    Lisa Gaines (Homewood Middle School)
    Mary Thomas (Edgewood)


Homewood Schools is proud of all of the teachers who have achieved national board certification: