Erin's Law - Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

  • In 2016 the Alabama Legislature passed Erin's Law which requires schools to provide an age appropriate curriculum to students on avoiding child sexual abuse. Homewood City Schools has chosen to partner with Children's Hospital to provide this important information to our children.

    Debra Schneider is the Director of The Children's Hospital Intervention and Prevention Services Center (CHIPS), Children's of Alabama. The Center provides services to children and families dealing with abuse. They also work with the community to educate adults and children on ways to help prevent abuse.

    CHIPS staff will be providing an educational program that teaches children what to do if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. The goal of the program is to empower children with the knowledge and a plan of action.

    CHIPS staff will use the terminology of PRIVATE PARTS and all lessons are age appropriate. The children are always taught abuse is never their fault.

    To learn more about the sexual abuse prevention program provided by CHIPS, view the videos below: 

    • Elementary (K-5) Sexual Abuse Prevention Program Overview: VIDEO
    • Elementary Sexual Abuse Prevention Classroom Lesson: VIDEO
    • Secondary (6-12) Sexual Abuse Prevention Program Overview: VIDEO

    Click here to learn more about Erin's Law (Information provided by the Alabama State Department of Education)

    To learn more about the CHIPS Center, click here