Desired Characteristics of Superintendent

  • After receiving input from administrators, community members, faculty, parents, students, and support staff, the Homewood City Schools Board seeks an individual who has had successful experience as an instructional leader in a diverse school system with a track record of success to be its next superintendent.

    In addition, the selected candidate will be a visible and approachable member of the community and the school system, who is present in schools and community, building relationships and enhancing partnerships in the community and the schools, especially in the development of a team relationship with the Board and with the City Council and Mayor of Homewood. The Board seeks someone who is guided by a deep sense of integrity and is a strategic thinker and leader through a process of collaborative decision-making. This individual will understand the two-way nature of communications and therefore seek a transparent approach with staff and community in developing and executing the mission, vision and goals of the school system.

    The successful applicant for this position will use the mission of the school system as a basis for making and recommending decisions that also reflect a sound understanding of the fiscal operations of a school system like Homewood.

    The Board of the Homewood City Schools is looking for a personable and trustworthy servant leader, who will commit to understanding and investing in the Homewood community in a spirit that reflects a value for diversity.

    Further, the Homewood City Schools seek a Superintendent who has a record of demonstrating the following competencies …

    • Foster a positive, professional climate of mutual trust and respect among faculty, staff, and administrators
    • Recruit, employ, and retain effective personnel throughout the school system and its schools
    • Be visible throughout the school system and actively engaged in community life
    • Establish a culture of high expectations for all students and personnel
    • Understand and be sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population
    • Provide transparent communication
    • Provide a clear, compelling vision for the future
    • Effectively plan and manage the long-term financial health of the school system

    Approved by the Homewood City School Board May 19, 2020