• Dear HCS Parents,


    As we continue to explore new ways to engage students in reading during the pandemic, we are making efforts to implement a safe system to put print books in the hands of our students in such a way that aligns with the TEAM Homewood Plan for Reopening School, 2020-2021. Audiobooks and ebooks will still be available for checkout. The process for reserving, using, and returning print books will have a different look. We will monitor the process and make changes according to best practices at that time. We will begin our implementation with our traditional students using the plan below. Therefore, information for virtual students will be communicated at a later date.


    • Students in Grades K-2 will have access to printed library books for individual use while at school only and through their Homeroom Teacher. These print library books are not expected to be co-used.  

    • Students in Grades 3-12 may reserve their own books which may go home with the student. As a measure of safety, print books are not intended to be co-used.

    • The maximum number of books allowed for reservation and check out at a time will be fewer since some of the inventory will be in quarantine for five days once the print books have been returned.


    We respect the fact that there may be students and parents who do not feel comfortable participating in print  book check-outs at this time. If this is your preference, we ask that you please communicate this intention to your child and ask that he or she not reserve print library books which can be used at school or at home. Furthermore, you should express your desire to opt out by completing the HCS Library Print Collection Opt-Out Form. This form is available on the Library page of each school’s website. Therefore, you may complete the form for each child using any of the school’s websites. The librarian will place an alert on your child’s library account. Your request will remain active for the duration of the school year or until the parent/custodial contact provides written notice otherwise to the librarian(s) from an email address that is consistent with our current records.


    HCS Librarians


    Kind regards,

    Homewood City Schools