• The Online Data Verification Portal for Returning Students will launch June 28 and close July 11. Unlike previous years, families of returning students will complete residency certification online. Therefore, the entire process has been updated to be digital. This means that families will be uploading documents to the portal instead of bringing these to the schools.  Please continue reading the information below regarding the documents that will be required.

     The links below will be live on June 28, 2021.



    If you are an employee of Homewood City Schools and planning to enroll your child who lives out-of-district, please complete the digital form below. The paper form has been retired as of April 2021. Your submission will automatically be submitted to Dr. Kevin Maddox at the Homewood Board of Education.



    The kind of information that will be requested and documentation that you will need to upload are listed below for your convenience in planning ahead. Having these documents scanned in advance for each child will be helpful when you are ready to begin. PLEASE NOTE THAT A PHOTOGRAPH OF THE DOCUMENT WILL NOT SUFFICE, ONLY A PDF CAN BE UPLOADED. There are several free apps for both Android and Apple devices that will scan documents into a Portable Document Format (PDF) containing one or more pages. You might consider this option for convenience or if you do not have access to a scanner.

    1. Student Demographics 
    2. Alabama State Department of Education Required Surveys and Questionnaires
    3. School-based Forms (if applicable for your child’s school)
    4. Custodial Contact and Emergency Contact Information
    5. Sibling Information 
    6. Medical Information
    7. Child Nutrition Program Information
    8. Documentation to Upload and Acknowledgements
      1. A. Student of Homewood City Schools Employees
      2. Residency Certification
        1. Proof of Residence 
          • Current annual property tax notice OR
          • Current lease in the name of the parent or court-appointed custodian (signed by Lessee and Lessor). A current lease in the name of the parent (or a letter) that lists the names of all occupants at the address and displays the lease expiration date should be provided. The signature page of the custodial contact and the landlord must be included in the document that is uploaded.  OR
          • Warranty Deed (only if home was purchased recently and a property tax notice in your name does not exist for the address; contingency sales contract is not acceptable)
        2. Current Utility Bill  (A current bill from Alabama Power or Spire in the name of the parent or court-appointed custodian displaying the service or property address, not the mailing address)
        3. Custody Papers (if applicable; additional comments may be noted)
        4. Driver’s License (A valid driver's license OR valid state-issued ID for at least one custodial contact of the student.)
      3.  Student Documents 
        1. Birth Certificate or Alternative Documentation
        2. Social Security Card or Social Security Number (Optional)
      4. Student Resources
        1. Textbook Agreement
        2. Technology Resources (Technology Agreement, Device and Connectivity Survey)
        3. Field Trip Permission Form (for elementary students only)
      5. Communication Opt Ins
        1. PTO email list
        2. Safe and Healthy Homewood Coalition
        3. Preferred Language (other than English) to receive communication

    You will be able to start and resume your work in the portal as needed by selecting Save and Exit. You will have the opportunity to review all data before submitting it. Once submitted, no changes can be made in the portal by you. You should receive a confirmation email from PowerSchool immediately following your submission.

    Please contact the registrar at your child’s school with any questions you may have regarding registration. You will find the names of the registrars, their schools, and email addresses below.