2021-2022 Virtual School Option

  • Connected course options are designed to add flexibility to a student’s schedule and to meet student’s unique scheduling needs. While there are certain required times to be on campus, such as for state/standardized testing, STAR benchmark assessments, and tiered reading/math interventions, students complete a majority of the course off campus. Virtual students are still enrolled in Homewood City Schools and therefore required to adhere to all guidelines set forth in the Code of Conduct. While students taking Connected courses will still be enrolled in Homewood City Schools, the teachers are from another location.

    In accordance with Act 2015-89, Homewood High School students have the opportunity to take classes online.  Homewood High School students who wish to complete classes online as opposed to a face-to-face format can do so in a "Connected" capacity via ACCESS Distance Learning. This program is administered through the Alabama State Department of Education and allows students to take web-based courses taught by a teacher certified in the state of Alabama. While students taking Connected courses will still be enrolled in Homewood High School, the teachers are from another location. High school students and families interested in this option should contact their grade level school counselor for more information.

    In response to the Covid-19 global pandemic, Homewood City Schools is offering an additional virtual school option for students and families who continue to have Covid-19 related health and safety concerns for the 2021-22 school year. This virtual school option will be provided by Educere, a virtual learning platform. Educere courses are self-paced and aligned to AL course of study standards. Each student enrolled in an Educere course will have live access to an AL certified teacher in that content area from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST Monday - Friday. A Homewood City Schools employee is assigned to facilitate communication between Educere and the school and will regularly monitor the student’s progress. Please note that these classes are not taught by a Homewood employed teacher and some course offerings may be limited. Students and families who are interested in this option should contact their school’s principal for more information.

    To be successful, virtual students MUST...

    • have reliable access to the necessary computer equipment and internet connection. Homewood City Schools will provide a chromebook to use if needed.
    • be able to complete work and meet deadlines independently.
    • be able to advocate for themselves when they have questions or need clarity on assignments. 
    • use proper online etiquette, demonstrate the habits of a responsible digital citizen, and abide by the district acceptable use policy.
    • maintain strong academic integrity by refraining from plagiarism and cheating.

    To support students and promote success in virtual school, PARENTS should…

    • monitor student progress and completion of assignments.
    • engage in meaningful and supportive correspondence with teachers and facilitators.
    • check student grades regularly.

    In order to remain enrolled in the virtual program, a student must remain in good academic standing and be making adequate progress towards completion of online courses.