Student Online Safety

  • Homewood City Schools uses the Linewize suite of tools to help keep students as safe as possible while using school technology resources. 

    Linewize School Manager allows HCS to filter websites that are not appropriate for the educational setting. School manager helps the district protect students against harmful content, cyber-threats, and distractions in order to provide a safe and secure digital environment. 

    Teachers utilize Classwize to help students stay focused on the lesson and reduce distractions. Classwize gives teachers a real time view of students' screens during class and allows them to focus student attention only on certain digital resources while blocking access to others during a lesson.

    Linewize Monitor aims to create a safer environment for students by acting as a proactive safety net. It monitors student activity for signs of potential trouble, including cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts, or exposure to inappropriate content. This allows the schools to identify issues early and intervene quickly.  The Linewize team of trained professionals review all alerts before notifying anyone, ensuring that only credible issues are reported. Anytime a student is logged in using a Homewood City Schools device OR the Homewood City Schools Google account (even on a personal device), there is the potential for the school system to receive alert notifications of inappropriate Internet use.