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  • Check Out the Sora App

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 12/7/2018

    No matter whether you are traveling or hanging out at home, don't just sit there and binge watch Netflix!  Check out an e-book or audiobook instead.  The Overdrive e-book app is now Sora and it is so easy to use.  Just download the app on your Apple or Android device and then follow the easy steps.  We've recently added brand new titles that you are sure to love. So don't be a Scrooge!  Read!



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  • Happy Holidays!

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 12/5/2018

    We are feeling the holiday spirit here in the HMS Library.  The decorations are on display along with some wonderful holiday titles.  Check out our books that include Christmas stories, Hanukkah traditions and history as well as how children in other countries celebrate the holiday season. 

    Wishing you and your family a very happy holidays and new year!

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  • Virtual Book Club Title Selected

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 11/14/2018

    After considering four book titles, our book club members voted and decided on the book Heart of a Samurai by Margie Preus. If you want to join us, please let me know by 3pm today as I will be placing an order for the books.

    I am super excited about this title because it is based on a true story.  I have to admit, I have already started reading it and I am captivated.  I have so many questions and ideas I can't wait to discuss.  

    Here's a link to the title so you can check it out.  

    Heart of a Samurai





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  • Veteran's Day Art Project

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 11/6/2018

    Make sure you stop by the library before Friday and write a note to a veteran.  The notes will be placed in the empty markers that make up the art project. If you look at the picture below, you can see that the entire project is made of empty Crayola markers.  

    Veteran's Day

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  • Introducing the HMS Virtual Book Club!

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 11/2/2018

    Virtual Book Club

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  • Digital Health- Are You Balanced? Contest Winner

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 11/1/2018


    Ms. White and I sponsored a digital contest during the month of October.  We asked our students to create an original project demonstrating the importance of a healthy balance when it comes to technology.  Annabelle created an incredibly entertaining project and she had some quality family time while doing it.

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  • Teaching Tolerance is Important

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 10/30/2018

    Last week our 6th graders participated in an immigration simulation and learned about all the different people who helped build our great nation.  I am so happy that our students learn about our diverse nation in their classes. 


    With the recent shooting at a temple in Pennsylvania, it is more important than ever that our students are exposed to different cultures and learn to appreciate how diversity makes our community stronger.  


    It is important to have a diverse library collection too.  As a librarian, I feel that it is important that I create a collection of materials that represents all cultures so that our school is inclusive. I also want our students to be able to read a wide variety of literature written by authors from different backgrounds and ethnicities.  


    School Library Journal surveyed librarians to find out how they feel about creating a diverse collection.  It looks like many librarians across the country agree with me.  Creating a diverse collection is the first step in creating an environment of tolerance and acceptance.



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  • Welcome to Our New Website!

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 10/26/2018

    Today our website goes live!  I am so excited that we have a new platform for communicating with our school community.  Our library is an energetic space where all kinds of learning is happening. 

    In fact, today the 6th grade particiated in one of the most authentic learning experiences I have ever witnessed.  Our 6th graders have been learning about the immigrant experience in history and today they participated in an immigration simulation. 

    I read the book When Jessie Came Across the Sea to Mrs. Sterley's classes and we talked a lot about the immigration issues they had in the 1800's and the  similarities to some of the issues we have today in America.  This simulation created a true learning experience for our students and creates a dialogue for our families. Hopefully our students will gain a new understanding and develop empathy for the immigrant experience both in the past and in the present.

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  • Digital Health- Are You Balanced?

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 10/8/2018

    Last week we celebrated Digtal Citizenship Week by focusing on our digital health and digital balance.  Hopefully everyone at HMS thought a bit about how much time they spend on their device and whether their time was balanced.  Hopefully you are more aware of the time you spend and how you may not be utilizing your time wisely.  Remember, awareness is the first step in living a more balanced digital life.

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  • Exciting!

    Posted by Amy Jackson on 10/4/2018

    I am so excited about our new website!  And I am super excited because I will still be able to blog about exciting events happening in the library.  

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