• Homewood City Schools strives to create a learner-centered environment. We seek to recognize the knowledge, skills, and interests of every student in order to personalize instruction to the greatest extent possible.

    Teaching is a bridge between the content and the learner. Good teachers build that bridge in a way so that everyone can cross it. Students may cross the bridge at different times and at different levels of depth, but the goal is for each student to reach mastery. Individualized feedback is critical in this process. Homewood teachers work hard to make their feedback meaningful to learners. Learners must have information that lets them know whether or not they are on the right path. In order for teachers to give this feedback, we seek to make a student’s thinking visible so that we can understand misconceptions and assess where the learner is on his individual path to mastery. Our goal is to take every student where they are academically and move them to higher levels of achievement.

    While taking this academic journey, we are also aware of the physical, social, and emotional aspects of the learning process. We address the needs of the whole child in recognition that a learner must be prepared to learn. We understand that human needs cannot be rigidly compartmentalized, therefore a holistic approach yields better academic results.

    Each student’s progress toward Learning Target Mastery is reported on a quarterly basis.  At the elementary schools, the report is standards-based, giving parents vital information regarding their learner’s journey. Please see the “Standards Based Grading” tab to learn more about Homewood City Schools’ approach to reporting progress.