• The HMS Choir Department's mission is to educate and empower all students to maximize their unique potential by providing opportunities in music.  
    Homewood believes in the power of music because it provides opportunities for students to learn valuable life skills like collaboration, coordination, and confidence.  Through music learning, HMS choir students gain incredible experiences which are proven to help them in their academic pursuits.  
    There are many opportunities for students to participate in music and choir at HMS.
    -8th Grade Chamber Choir (full-year elective class)
    -7th Grade Concert Choir (full-year elective class)
    -7th Grade Music Technology (semester elective class)
    -6th Grade Choir and Music (quarter elective class/rotation)
    -HMS Patriot Singers Show Choir (extracurricular)
    -HMS Stage Crew (extracurricular)
    If you would like more information about HMS choir, contact Mrs. Peppers.

    If you didn’t know already, Homewood is a special place.  Our district ranks in the top in academics and college and career readiness among the state of Alabama.  I believe this to be so because of the hard work, dedication, and commitment HMS faculty make to our students.  I believe that the students come first. One of the things that make Homewood consistently one of the best is the opportunities we provide for our students.  As a choir and music teacher, students in my classes learn skills that, when applied to academic classes, help them reach their unique potential. Skills learned in an arts class like choir and music include social skills like confidence and cooperation, emotional skills like empathy and attention, and cognitive skills like coordination and reasoning.  These skills, among many others, cannot be taught in an academic class. It is for this reason that I teach music. I believe students who participate in arts classes are set up for future success.

    Students in music and choir will learn the basics of music, where music is applied, and, in the choir, apply music through performance.  In music classes, students will learn the fundamentals of music including notes and rests, beat patterns, and pitch, learn how to apply and read music, learn about popular music, and music history.  Students will have the opportunity to express their musicality and interact with music in a unique way. Students in choir classes, through learning repertoire, learn music fundamentals, performance style, and music history.  Choir classes will perform selections of music throughout the year at various concerts and events and at the end of the year, are given the opportunity to perform for judges at a festival before celebrating their success at Six Flags Over Georgia.

    Whichever class your student is enrolled, they will receive an experience many of our country’s students are not able to enjoy.  I tend to keep instruction light-hearted, but I have high expectations for my students. One of those expectations is their work ethic.  Whatever it is we are working on, I expect my students to work to the best of their ability. I also understand that failure is part of the process, and I reward students who try and fail because that means they are one step closer to success.

    Go Patriots!