Student Enrollment & Registration

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    ALL students in grades K-12 (new and returning) must complete residency verification each year.  The list of required documents (shown below) has been updated beginning with the 2020-2021 school year.  Each student is required to provide these documents.  Please print the student's legal first and last name, as well as the student's grade level for the new school year, at the top of the form. 

    • Complete Certificate of Residency (English) (Spanish)
    • Proof of Residence - A current annual property tax notice or current lease in the name of the parent or court-appointed custodian (signed by Lessee and Lessor) or sales contract on a home (a contingency contract is not acceptable). A current lease in the name of the parent (or a letter) that lists the names of all occupants at the address should be provided. 
    • Current Utility Bill - A current bill from Alabama Power or Spire in the name of the parent or court-appointed custodian displaying the service or property address, not the mailing address.
    • Custody Papers (If applicable) - A current, official finalized court document signed by the Court
    • Driver's License - A valid driver's license or valid state-issued ID for at least one custodial contact of the student. 

    The residency verification packet may be submitted by scanning it to the email address of the school's registrar (listed below) for your child's school, mailing to the school to the registrar's attention or delivering to the school on Tuesdays or Thursdays, July 21st through July 30th, between 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.  Please note that mailed packets must be postmarked no later than Saturday, July 25th in order to ensure that they are received at the school by July 30th.   

     Please be attentive to email, phone, and text notifications from the district that will include the most current information about registration and Back-to-School events for all students and parents.  

    If you are new to Homewood and looking to enroll your child, please contact the school. To enroll you must be a bona fide resident of Homewood. To be a bona fide resident, a student must actually be living in a dwelling in Homewood with a parent or court-appointed custodian who is a resident of Homewood on a full-time basis.  The presence of a parent or court-appointed custodian is required to enroll a student.  To assist with your proof of residency, click here to obtain an annual property tax notice, if applicable.  At the time of enrollment, additional information will be provided regarding registration.  All new students, including new kindergarteners, click here for additional student enrollment information.

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    In the spring of each year, an online data verification for students who will be returning for the upcoming school year is to be completed.  At that time, a notification will be sent to all families containing details about this process.  

    In addition to the annual online data verification, each student will be required to complete Residency Verification annually in July.  


    Links to online registration:  English   Espanol