• September 17, 2021


    Friday announcements:


    After-the-Game Party 

    Students in grades 9-12 are invited to come hang out and have fun with friends after the Homecoming game. We'll have Karaoke, games, and basketball in the gym. Free food and a drawing for $100 in gift cards!

    Location: Trinity Methodist Church

    Time: After the game to 11:30 pm

    The event is sponsored by the Peer Helpers and Safe & Healthy Homewood.


    Do you know the difference between "Hispanic" and "Latino"?

    Hispanic= someone from a Spanish Speaking country.

    Latino= someone from Latin America.

    Here is a trivia question: Is someone from Venezuela a Hispanic or Latino?

    Your answer should be "both" because, in Venezuela, they speak Spanish and are in Latin America.

    Here is another trivia question: Is someone from Spain a Hispanic or Latino?

    Your answer should be "Hispanic." For example, in Spain, they speak Spanish, but they are not in Latin America. Spain is located in Europe.

    People from Brazil are Latinos, but not Hispanics because they speak Portuguese. They are in Latin America, but they don't speak Spanish.

    (This message was brought to you by HHS Heritage Panel)

    If you ordered a homecoming t-shirt, pick it up today in the English pod during 5th period. 

    The Homecoming Dance will be Saturday night at HHS in the front parking lot. Students should park in the gym parking lot and use the sidewalk to access the main entrance parking area. Dance tickets are $10 and must be purchased in advance on GoFan. Permission forms for non-HHS students are due today!