• Students will need a Chromebook or laptop for traditional and virtual school. Students who have one of these personal devices should utilize it; otherwise, a Chromebook can be checked out from the school for each student who needs one for individual use once the parent has signed the Chromebook Checkout Agreement in English or Spanish. Traditional school students will need a device so that co-use of devices can be avoided. While there is no cost to check out a Chromebook, there will be a charge for Chromebooks that are not returned, returned with damages, or returned without the power cord and charger. This information will be detailed in the agreement. Furthermore, since co-use of devices will be diminished or prohibited, students of traditional school will need to bring a fully-charged device to school each day. There will be limitations to charging devices while at school. Furthermore, students should not anticipate that there will be extra Chromebooks at school to check-out or share.  


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