• Homewood Families, 

    Over the past 25 years, the Homewood City Schools Foundation has awarded $1 million+ in grants to our teachers, in line  with its mission to impact every student, every day. This year it is expanding its focus to take the Foundation’s impact to  the next level with the launch of the Legacy for Learning initiative. 

    What is Legacy for Learning? Legacy for Learning
    Legacy for Learning is a five-year, $2 million plan, endorsed by Homewood City Schools, that will:

    • expand proven student programs and pioneer innovative projects 
    • enhance teacher support and development inside and outside the classroom 
    • establish an endowment to strategically plan for future success 

    Why is an endowment important? 
    These critical times have made us especially grateful for our remarkable school system yet have reinforced the need for  sustainability. An endowment will ensure: 

    • 100% of every dollar from contributions and fundraising events will go back into the classrooms
    • our teachers, students, and schools will continue to receive high-level support during “rainy” or pandemic days

    How much has been raised for Legacy for Learning? 
    The Foundation is just over halfway to reaching its $2 million goal. We are thankful for the support of valuable community  partners, as well as over 150 Homewood families and local businesses, but there is still important work left to do, and we  need your help. We are asking you to pledge your support today and “Leave Your Legacy” for our students, teachers, and  future. 

    How can you Leave Your Legacy? 
    We invite you to take a look at the attached brochures and view the video detailing the plan, or visit www.legacyforlearning.com, and consider how your family can contribute to this important initiative over the next five  years. Without Foundation events to support grants this year, your pledge will ensure our classrooms will always be  supported in the coming years, regardless. No pledge is too small, and every pledge counts. As the Foundation is a  501(c)(3) organization, all pledges are tax-deductible. A link to an electronic pledge card can be found here, or a printable  version is available here. Once your pledge is received, your name will be added to our Honor Roll of investors and a  “Count Us In” sign will be placed in your yard. We’d love to add your name to the list! 

    Who will benefit from the Legacy for Learning initiative? 
    Legacy for Learning will benefit all students, teachers, schools and the Homewood community today, tomorrow, and for  years to come. Please share with grandpals, neighbors, friends, family, and other businesses - this is a collective effort and  we hope we can count you in! 

    For questions about the initiative or the Homewood City Schools Foundation, please contact a committee member or  Foundation Director Carlye Dudgeon: director@homewoodcityschoolsfoundation.com | (205) 706-8870 or  

    Join us for a Legacy for Learning Virtual Information Session: Tuesday, October 27 @ 5:30pm or Thursday, October 29 @ 11:30am. To register, please email Carlye for session link. 

    Do you have a business that would like to leave a legacy or does your business participate in contribution matching?  Please contact Corporate Division Committee Chair Tray Ivey: trayivey@gmail.com | (205) 790-6448 

    We are excited about the future of our schools, our teachers, and the legacy our community will leave that will continue to impact every student, every day. Thank you for your support! 

    Betsy McLean | Nancy Ferren | Ashley Condon | Amy Mitchell | Pam Smith | Tiffany McIntyre 
    Legacy for Learning Community Division Committee 

    www.homewoodcityschoolsfoundation.com | www.legacyforlearning.com 
    Facebook & Instagram: @homewoodcityschoolsfoundation

    Legacy for Learning Brochure

    Pledge Card

    Legacy for Learning Honor Roll