About Us

  • Homewood High School is a four-year public high school located in Homewood, Alabama, just outside the city limits of Birmingham.  Established in 1972, Homewood High School serves approximately 1,300 students in grades nine through twelve.  Homewood City Schools strives to "educate and empower all students to maximize their unique potential," and in accordance with this mission, Homewood High School, a school truly rich with tradition, offers a challenging curriculum in a caring environment. 

    The Washington Post has named HHS as one of the "top ranking schools that prepare students for college."  Homewood was ranked fifth out of the Alabama schools on the Post's list.  Homewood High School has a strong, long-standing Advanced Placement program and offers twenty AP classes and eight Honors classes.  

    Students are encouraged not only to succeed in academics but also to become well-rounded individuals: students are provided many opportunities to become involved with extracurricular activities.  Homewood High School's band is nationally recognized and includes approximately one-third of the student body. HHS athletics boasted four state champion teams, three state runner-up teams, and several playoff appearances. 

    The school system and the community take great pride in the responsibility of student learning and accomplishments.  Homewood High School strives to foster a community among the students and to prepare students for the 21st century.  


    Dr. Joel Henneke, Principal
    Mrs. Jana Flinkow, Assistant Principal
    Mrs. Ganae Gaines, Assistant Principal
    Dr. Latta Johnston, Assistant Principal
    Dr. Tony Lott, Assistant Principal
    Mrs. Mindy McBride, Assistant Principal


    Mrs. Virginia White, 9th
    Mrs. Elaine Meeks, 10/11th (Academic Advising)
    Mr. Zack Butler, 10/11th (Social/Emotional)
    Mr. Bobby Deavers, 12th
    Mrs. Ashely Davenport, College
    Mrs. Carla Hardy, Registrar
    Mrs. Ellie Walker, Secretary

    Control: State of Alabama
    Enrollment: approximately 1,300
    CEEB/ACT Code Number: 011464
    Student/Classroom Teacher Ratio: 20 to 1

    Homewood High School 
    1901 S. Lakeshore Drive 
    Homewood, AL 35209 
    Office: (205) 871-9663 
    Fax: (205) 879-0879

    Continuous Improvement Plans