HCS Strategic Plan

  • The mission of Homewood City Schools is to educate and empower all students to maximize their unique potential.

    We Value:

    • Teaching and Learning - A student-centered learning environment characterized by learning experiences that challenges and prepares students
    • Student Development - A focus on building character and personal skills through curriculum, extracurriculars, and service opportunities
    • Leadership - Highly effective and motivated staff committed to professional and student growth
    • Diversity - Diversity that enriches our school community where everyone is respected and valued
    • Wellness - The overall physical, social, and emotional well-being of students and school professionals
    • Relationships - Fostering meaningful relationships with students, parents, and staff to build trust and unity
    • Community - Collaboration within our school system and in partnership with our community
    • Resources - Optimizing facilities and resources to enhance student experiences and safety 

    Goal 1: Focus on Learning
    Homewood City Schools will focus on providing students with engaging work and multiple paths to success while providing a common understanding of mastery so there are consistent expectations for student learning experiences across the district. Instructional resources will be available and accessible to address a variety of student needs, including those of students who are accelerated as well as those who need additional support. The district will provide adequate access to technology and an understanding of how it can be used as a tool to effectively support the work of students and teachers. 

    Homewood City Schools will encourage a culture of collaboration where teachers are leaders and have access to effective professional learning experiences, and there will be structures in place to provide feedback through the collection and analysis of data that is useful to improve practice and increase learning at all levels.

    Homewood City Schools will focus on successful transitions so students and parents understand what is expected of students as they transition through grade and school levels.

    Goal 2: Focus on Student and Staff Wellness
    Homewood City Schools will focus on a positive culture that encourages and supports strong relationships between and among adults and students. Adult advocates for each student will serve as a source of emotional support and academic guidance.

    Homewood City Schools will make physical and mental health resources available either inside the district or through connections and partnerships with external organizations. Throughout the district, teachers will be treated as professionals in an environment where there is a commitment to balance the various demands that teachers face with the need for autonomy and time for reflection, thinking and planning.   

    Goal 3: Focus on Student Development
    Homewood City Schools will focus on all students having opportunities to develop strong relationships through activities aligned with their interests. The district will provide multiple opportunities for career and college exploration as well as community service to allow school to be a place that connects students to the larger community.

    Homewood City Schools will focus on providing an environment that encourages inclusivity, leadership, and strong character.

    Strategies to Support HCS Goals:
    Strategy I: Homewood City Schools will define local school autonomy to create common student experiences that assures the fulfillment of each learner’s potential.
    Strategy II: Homewood City Schools will develop a district-wide instructional model that is based on best practices and routinely evaluated using student learning data.
    Strategy III: Homewood City Schools will implement systems to ensure student and staff development, wellness, and personal growth opportunities.
    Strategy IV: Homewood City Schools will best meet the needs of our students by exploring multiple pathways to success, including a variety of ways for students to be college and career ready.