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Meet Russell! Shades Cahaba's Facility Dog

We are excited to welcome our new facility dog, Russell, to Shades Cahaba Elementary School!  Russell has been trained by Service Dogs Alabama as a working school dog which means we can interact with him when given permisson.  He comes to use with 2 years of training.  A majority of this time will be spent assisting students throughout the school.  The faculty, staff, and students are really enjoing having him at our school!

Here are 5 Ways to Care for Russell: 

  1. No Feeding 
  2. Pet Russell while he is sitting or laying down in the room. 
  3. Wave or say "hi" in the hallways and at lunch. 
  4. Give Russell space; don't crowd around. 
  5. Only the handler can give Russell commands.  

Remember these 5 things will help keep Russell safe and happy!