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Attendance Policy


Any student who checks-in must present a note within three (3) school days following the check-in to excuse the tardy.  Students must check-in through the office when tardy to school or to any class period. Students who wish to check-out for any reason must do so through the office by having a parent/guardian sign them out of school.  The person who will be checking the student out must be listed in the student's enrollment form and must be prepared to present a photo ID to the attendance secretary. For students who check-out, the parent's signature will suffice as a parent note excuse for THAT day.  If the absence extends beyond this initial check-out date, students are required to submit their excuse within three (3) days upon their return to school.  




Students checking in after 9:00 A.M. must check-in using one of the following methods:

A. with a doctor's note

B. physically signed in by a parent or legal guardian

C. contacted by the attendance clerk or administration to verify the check-in


Students who fail to have a valid reason for being late to school will be placed in ISS for the remainder of the day and receive an unexcused absence for the periods missed.




Checking a student out of school requires an adult on the approved Enrollment Form to come to the school and physically check the student out of school.  Parents/Guardians may supply the attendance clerk with the applicable check-out information by as early as 7:00 A.M. of morning of the potential check-out.  Parents are required to sign a document noting they have given permission for their child to check-out of school


Facetime/Google Hangout can be used for checking out a student who becomes ill at school or a student who has a doctor's appointment that day. You can call Nancy High at using either Facetime or Google Hangouts. 


Students are not allowed to check out for lunch. Any student who checks out for lunch will receive an unexcused absence for 5th period.