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Summer School 2019

Homewood High School 2019 Summer School

Summer School Dates

  • Repeat Attempt June 3rd – June 28th (8:00-12:00)
  • Credit Recovery June 3rd – June 28th (8:00-12:00) Student must attend class until all work is complete.
  • Career Preparedness Session I June 3rd – June 14th (8:00-12:00) or Session II June 17th - June 28th (8:00-12:00)
  • Individual classes Life PE, Health or Drivers Education June 3rd – June 21st (8:00-12:00)
  • Incorporated (Life PE, Health and Divers Education) or Blended (Any combination of Drivers Education, Health or Life PE) June 3rd – June 21st (8:00-12:00)
  • Online Health June 3rd – June 21st. One required class meeting on May 16th (3:15-4:45) or June 3rd (8:00-9:30). All work will be completed away from campus in an online format. The class will begin on June 3rd. All work must be submitted and complete by June 21st.


Registration Dates

  • Early Registration: May 1st (3:30-5:00) HHS Auditorium Lobby
  • Registration: May 29th (10:00-12:00) HHS Auditorium Lobby


  • $175* per semester course
  • $225* for Incorporated or Blended

*Cash, Credit/Debit Card or Money Order (No Checks)

*Must be paid in full at the time of registration



Potential Course Offerings

All courses are pending based on the number of students enrolled and staffing availability.


Repeat Attempt/Credit Recovery

  • English 9
  • English 10
  • English 11
  • English 12
  • World History
  • Early US History
  • Modern US History
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II w/ Trig
  • Algebra II w/o Trig
  • Algebraic Connections
  • Analytical Math
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science
  • Environmental Science


Course Advancement

  • Career Preparedness
  • Online Health
  • Health
  • Drivers Education
  • Life PE
  • Incorporated (Life PE, Health and Drivers Education)
  • Blended (Any combination of Life PE, Health or Drivers Education)