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Parking Information 2019

Homewood City Schools is excited for the changes and additions coming to Homewood High School. This year construction will continue as we are adding a new entrance, new classrooms, a fine arts wing, and an athletics wing. Please read the information below regarding parking at HHS. 

Parking Information
During construction, please remind your students of the designated student and faculty parking areas for the 2019-2020 school year (please see diagram for student designated parking spots). Only students with parking passes are permitted to park in HHS’s designated parking areas.  Vehicles that cannot be identified by a permit or that are parked in faculty/staff parking will be subject to disciplinary consequences.

Where to Park
Students with parking permits will have three options for parking:
•    Tier 1 & 2 on the hill
•    The student parking side lot across from the auditorium (also referred to as the Spangle Lot)
•    Samford’s track parking lot (see diagram for designated spots)
•    Only students with late arrival can park in the designated delayed start parking lot

School Entrance Times
HHS’s doors open at 7:15 a.m. for students (6:45 a.m. for zero period students).  When students arrive on campus, they can enter the building and report to the designated approved areas.  Breakfast is served daily from 7:15- 7:40 a.m., and the tardy bell rings at 8:00 a.m.

The approved locations are as follows:
Freshmen - competition gym
Upperclassmen - library, cafeteria, and auditorium lobby

Drop Off Information
Parents who are dropping off in the morning and picking up in the afternoon are strongly encouraged to use the Armory Road entrance to the school. After going through the carpool line, parents will exit on the Zimmerman Bridge side of the campus. The concourse parking lot, located behind the gym, is faculty parking only.  No students will be allowed to park in this area, and this area will not be used for drop-off in the morning or pick-up in the afternoon.

Visitor Parking
Parents and visitors are able to park in front of HHS in the right lane when coming into the school. Parking in this area is not allowed during drop off or pickup.
Thank you for your patience during construction as we build additions that will bring more space, classrooms, and a new entrance to Homewood High School.